Termite Control Service

plano termite controlWe provide termite control services for residents of Plano, Allen, McKinney, Fairview and other North Texas cities. We offer a warranty with our termite control service, which means that every year we come out and do a re-inspection. If you have a new infestation of termites, we treat your home again at no charge. The annual cost of the warranty is 10% of the original cost of the treatment. Termite control can costs several thousand dollars.  That's why you need to make sure you have a warranty, which reputable companies will offer.
We have two termite control experts on staff and we use the latest products and technology, including a foaming system that encases plumbing, to help prevent termites from entering a structure.  When the soil shifts, it leaves your home open for termite infestation. Cracks in the foundation also allow termites to enter your home. We treat all entry places, such as plumbing pipes, weep holes, expansion points, etc., not just the soil around the home. Termites only need 1/32 of an inch to enter a structure.   

The Pest Shop Plano TX Termite Control ServiceSwarmers do not damage. Their main purpose is to mate and start another colony.  The workers do all the damage. Termites dig their way to wood sources to obtain food. If left alone, they will eat the wood until nothing remains except a shell. Termites return to the colony every 24-48 hours. They die if a barrier is established and they can't get back to the ground.

The best clues that you have termite infestation are the presence of  swarmers or wings that they have shed. Most of the time, termite colonies will not be visible unless you go into crawl spaces or other potential trouble spots. Another indicator of their presence is brown mud-like tunnels on the outside of your walls in irregular patterns. You can also tap on the wall that you think may be infested and listen for the hollow sound of damaged wood. Even though these are reliable clues, it is best to have a professional determine if you have termites.

The Pest Shop Plano TX Termite Control ServiceTermite Facts*

  • As many as 1 million termites may live in one colony
  • In some species, a female lays more than 30,000 eggs a day
  • In some species, the queen grows to hundreds or even thousands of times the size of the worker.  She is so full of eggs that she can't even move.
  • Each year in the United States, hundreds of thousands of homes are treated for termites.
  • Nearly 500 homes could be built with the amount of wood that termites chew up in an average year.
  • One queen termite can live to the ripe old age of 70 and lay as many as 80,000 eggs a day in her fertilization period.  
  • The termite workers and soldiers of the colony are blind and live only 2-5 years.
*Source:  What's Buggin' You?